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Danforth’s Environmental Services Division Presents at GVRAHE

Published Date – Jun 10, 2014

The Genesee Valley Regional Association for Healthcare Engineers welcomed Danforth to their February 21st, 2014 chapter meeting. The group is the advocate and resource for continuous improvement in the engineering and facilities management of healthcare facilities.

Danforth’s Environmental Services Manager, Pat Fonzi, and Cleanroom & Lab Application Engineer, Mike Puglisi, presented to the group. Our Environmental Services Team discussed the new changes in healthcare and pharmacy guidelines. The presentation outlined new standards and certifications that are now mandated for the healthcare and pharmacy industry and what procedures are required to uphold those standards.

Our Team adheres to the USP 797, FGI, CDC, NRC, ASHRAE, LEED and UL standards that allow for safe and legal operation of healthcare and pharmacy facilities.

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