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Danforth to Build New Ultra High Purity Fabrication Facility

Published Date – Feb 4, 2015

Danforth will be moving forward with plans to build a new fabrication facility in Victor, NY. This 17,600 ft² facility will support multiple service offerings and serve all of Upstate New York. The location allows us to fabricate and easily transport fabrication throughout the state making us more accessible to our clients.

The new Rochester fabrication site will be home to several different segments of our business. We plan on utilizing 2,500 ft² as office space for our CADD/BIM Team along with fabrication Project Managers. The large fabrication space will span 11,000 ft² and serve our thriving metal and pipe fabrication efforts. As this segment of our business continues to grow, the added fabrication space will increase our productivity while shortening lead-times to our job sites state-wide. However, the crown jewel of the facility is the 4,000 ft² ISO Class 6 Cleanroom located within the general fabrication space. The Danforth Cleanroom & Laboratory Team has designed and will construct the room to meet rigorous purity standards.  It will allow us to further our service offerings to include Ultra High Purity Welding.

Ultra High Purity Welding is required when working with sensitive materials found in the semiconductor, food processing and healthcare markets. Our Team of skilled welders will be working with state-of-the-art arc welding equipment on materials such as stainless steel and high purity plastics. The finished products will be double bagged to ensure that no cross contamination occurs during transportation and final install.

Stay tuned throughout the year for updates on facility construction and added capabilities.

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