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December Apprentice Highlight

Published Date – Feb 4, 2015

Buffalo Sheet Metal Fabrication Apprentice, Ed Krier, is the Apprentice Highlight for the month of December. Ed is a standout 4th year apprentice who has been with Danforth since day 1. He has gained experience in both the shop and in the field but shows an aptitude for fabrication.

Ed was recognized this month due to his hard work and noticeable ambition. His supervisors pointed out that he is always the first to volunteer for new and challenging projects. He is always willing to come in early or stay late to make sure the job gets done. The example he sets for other apprentices raises moral in the shop and increases productivity throughout.

Ed is currently working in the Tonawanda sheet metal shop on fabrication for GlobalFoundries located in Malta, NY. Ed’s primary responsibility is to work with the burn tables and rolling materials to produce large scale cleanroom quality fabrication. In the past, Ed has worked on projects such as Conventus, Buffalo State Houston Gym, University at Buffalo, and Casino Niagara. Ed identified what he likes the most about working with Danforth, “There are a lot of smart journeyman and foreman on the jobs that I learn from everyday.” He is making the most of his opportunity to learn from skilled workers who have spent years mastering their craft. As for safety, Ed makes a conscious effort each day to make sure he is properly outfitted with safety glasses, gloves, and Kevlar sleeves while always paying attention to his work and the surrounding environment.

Ed has his sights set high as he aspires to move up through the ranks in the Union and with Danforth. He hopes to someday run projects and pass on his knowledge and experience to future generations of apprentices. When he is not hard at work, Ed enjoys riding around Western New York on his ATV and hunting.

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