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April Apprentice Highlight

Published Date – Apr 10, 2015

Buffalo Pipe Fitter Apprentice, Rudy Wolf, has been awarded the April Apprentice highlight. Rudy is a 4th year fitter apprentice with the Local 22 who has spent his 6 year professional career working for Danforth. He began his career as a metal tradesman and made the transition after his 2nd year. Rudy is now an integral part of meeting the ever growing demand for pipe fabrication on job sites across New York State.

Rudy is known around the Buffalo Pipe Fabrication shop for his strong ability to learn and apply new skills as well as his great attitude. Currently, Rudy is responsible for prefabricating large sections of pipe that range from 30” to 42” in diameter for the GlobalFoundries job site located in Malta, NY. Rudy enjoys working on the large scale pipe because it must be perfect to be accepted on the job site. This is a testament to the level of detail and quality of work Rudy and his team delivers each day. Rudy works very well with others and is a team player. When asked about his award, Rudy commented, “You get such good training from the guys who have been here for awhile, I wouldn’t have won the award without them.”

As a Pipe Fitter, Rudy is exposed to many different hazards on a daily basis. He focuses on Danforth’s safety protocol to make sure he goes home safe at the end of every shift. Additionally, Rudy said, “It’s important that you lift with the proper technique, know when you need help and use the tools properly.”

Rudy loves working with his hands and turning drawings on paper into reality. He aspires to become a mentor to apprentices like himself and someday manage projects in the Fabrication Shop.

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