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Rochester Pipefitter Awarded Apprentice Highlight

Published Date – Sep 16, 2015

Rochester pipefitter apprentice, Nick Terenzi, is this month’s Apprentice Highlight. Nick is a first year apprentice with UA Local 13 and has spent the entirety of his young career with Danforth. In those 18 months, Nick has made an immediate impact in the fabrication shop and on the jobsite.

Currently, Nick is working on various prefabrication projects in the Victor, NY pipe fabrication shop. Nick works hand-in-hand with Danforth’s experienced tradesmen to improve his measuring, cutting and fitting skills. He also spends time each day prepping the piping materials, which makes a positive impact on shop efficiency. Prior to his work in the shop, Nick has spent time in the field on several jobs around the Rochester area including Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong Memorial. Nick spent two months on site doing prep work for the mechanic, grinding, fitting, measuring, cutting and threading pipe for the project.

Nick likes the experience he has gained in both the fabrication shop and the field. It gives him a unique perspective that helps him understand the needs of the shop and field. He also values the work he does on a daily basis stating, “Every day is a learning experience and is a little bit different from the last. The journeymen here don’t push busy work on the apprentices, they teach valuable skills that will be used for the rest of my career.”

A big part of every Danforth employee’s day is safety. Nick goes above and beyond company protocol to stay safe. He does his best to make sure his work space is clean and organized to eliminate the threat of potential hazards caused by debris.

For the future, Nick wants to continue to learn in both the shop and the field. He wants his skill set to be broad and well-rounded so that he can add value to the company no matter the capacity. Nick envisions himself managing work someday saying, “In the future, yeah, I’d like to run jobs. First, I need to develop my skills and learn the way a job works. Once I’m comfortable and experienced, that’s my goal.”

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