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Eric Fallendorf Recognized as Apprentice Highlight

Published Date – Nov 13, 2015

Second year apprentice, Eric Fallendorf, is this month’s Apprentice Highlight. Eric is a member of the Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 22 out of Buffalo, New York. He is currently stationed in the plumbing prefabrication shop focusing on preparing plumbing systems for various jobsites across Western New York.

Eric has been learning to prefabricate systems for heating, non-potable hot water and cold water. Majority of his work eventually ends up on major projects such as University at Buffalo School of Medicine located in downtown Buffalo. Prefabrication is crucial to Danforth’s success in a marketplace that demands expedited delivery of complicated projects. Eric’s work in the shop translates into simplified field installations, saving valuable time and field labor resources. Eric has been with Danforth for 2 years and commented that the volume of work has recently increased and the fabrication teams have risen to the challenge at meeting production and quality requirements. Over those 2 years, Eric has taken every day as an opportunity to learn his trade from others in the shop. He said, “The people have been great here, they’ve shown me how the shop operates, where to find things and taught me skills that make me a better plumber.”

As with every Apprentice Highlight, Eric is mindful of workplace safety. Aside from company and industry protocol, Eric takes extra steps to make sure he goes home each day. Eric commented, “I’m always aware of myself and my surroundings. You have to prepare yourself for what others are doing.” He continued, “And always have an escape plan just in case.”

Eric has made quite an impact on the company in his 2 years. He aspires to someday work in the field to learn how a jobsite operates and how to do field installations. By working in both positions, Eric hopes to become a well rounded plumber that can work in any situation. As he continues to learn, he hopes to supervise a team on day.

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