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AeroSeal Duct Sealing Recognized for Innovation

Published Date – Dec 11, 2015

Duct sealing system, AeroSeal, has been recognized by several industry groups for its innovation and effectiveness in the construction world. The Aeroseal system is a revolutionary technology that allows specialized contractors to seal duct leaks from the inside. This increases the overall efficiency of building HVAC systems without application of traditional mastic sealing techniques.

The technology was recently named the gold medal wiiner of the 2016 AHR Expo Innovation Awards completion in the ventilation technology category. The panel of judges consisted of distinguished members of industry groups including ASHRAE, AHRI and other professional organizations. Internationally, AeroSeal was recognized by the Interclima+Elec Trade Fair, held in Paris, France. AeroSeal received the top award at the 2015 Le Mondial du Batiment (Building World Championships), which recognizes top innovations in the European construction industry.

AeroSeal is a system that uses as resin that is injected into a building’s duct system to seal up to 90% of leakage. It is able to reach remote locations of the duct that may not be accessible to skilled tradesmen and does not require duct wrapping to be removed which saves valuable time and money which can be passed along to the customer. The Danforth Team recently utilized this technology on the University at Buffalo Hayes Hall project.

As an exclusive partner of AeroSeal, the Danforth Team was called upon to seal the exposed duct work at the University at Buffalo Hayes Hall. Hayes Hall will be utilized by the Architecture and Design schools at the University. It was important that the aesthetics of the exposed duct was maintained to inspire the students. Traditional mastic was the original plan for duct sealing on the project. The Danforth Team was able to propose using the AeroSeal system to seal from the inside without changing the outside of the duct work.  Additionally, the system generates a report for the end user to verify leakage reduction and increased system efficiency.

For more information on the AeroSeal system, drop us a note on our contact us page!

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