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Rochester’s Dane Perry Recognized for ISO 9001 Work

Published Date – Apr 14, 2016

Dane Perry has been recognized with this month’s Power of our People award. In addition to his role as the Rochester purchasing agent, Dane is always looking for ways to improve our processes at Danforth. Dane took the initiative and had the idea to start tracking tool repair costs for ISO 9001 Certification, something that will undoubtedly save the company money down the line.

Dane was nominated by Peggy Murak, a consultant, who commented:

“Since 2004, we have been measuring various key indicators for the ISO 9001 certification. Dane came up with a new measure for the tools and equipment group that was totally outside the box of what we had been measuring and added value by suggesting we track tool repair costs to look for trends or patterns. No one asked him to come up with anything new, he just saw the opportunity to improve what we were tracking with something more value added and emailed me to suggest it.”

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