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Shop Supervisor Rich Lansing’s Work Ethic Earns Recognition

Published Date – Apr 27, 2016

Rich Lansing, Victor Shop Supervisor, was recognized by his coworkers for his outstanding work ethic and willingness to help others. Rich takes it upon himself to address potential problems early on, before they become headaches for others. This commitment to service has earned him this month’s Power of Our People Award.

Rich was nominated for the award by purchasing agent, Dane Perry.

Dane commented:

“Rich is one of the hardest working people here in Victor. He comes in early and leaves late almost every day. He always goes above and beyond to satisfy the needs of the PM’s, foreman and shop and office personnel by asking questions before things go wrong, lending a hand when needed and take the initiative to do something about a problem when others dismiss it. If snow needs to be plowed or sidewalks shoveled, he makes it happen. If a tool or piece of equipment needs attention, he dives right in. He’s a true asset to the company who’s always willing to go the extra mile to help others and solve problems.”

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