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Danforth to host Lean Construction Institute Gemba Walk

Published Date – Jun 13, 2016

In January, 2016, Danforth became a Regional Corporate Membership of the Lean Construction Institute. The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) is a non-profit organization founded in 1997. The LCI aims to transform the Design and Construction supply chain industry to follow a lean production approach- an approach that focuses on maximizing value while minimizing waste.

LCI’s focus is applied to project delivery, changing the way work is done throughout the construction process from design to completion. The results of lean practices improve planning and control systems and improving the total performance of the project, all while continuing to ensure that customer’s needs are met on a timely basis, and that waste is reduced. Benefits of lean practices include a safer workplace, lower cost from high productivity leading to less rework, and less stress on participants.

Danforth has been employing lean practices for decades. At Danforth, our lean practices begin during shop fabrication. Lean practices are used specifically for hanger and pipe fabrication. These practices are especially important for Danforth’s just in time delivery system. Because lean practices increase efficiency of production, Danforth is able to fabricate materials as quick as possible at our in-house facilities, and deliver it as soon as it is finished to ensure that it reaches the jobsite on schedule. Beginning in January 2016, Danforth took full advantage of its membership of the LCI by developing the position of Director of Shop Operations, filled by Michael Bement. By creating this position, Danforth is now able to create a more cohesive and communicative environment between each of its three locations, and is able to enhance lean production throughout its shops, field, and CAD department.

Danforth is honored to be hosting the LCI New York State Community of Practice for a “Lean Happy Hour” on June 14th, 2016. Danforth invites the LCI chapter of New York to a walk through of the Company’s facilities and the highlights of lean practices in action. The walk will be a followed by a reception located at Danforth’s Tonawanda, NY headquarters.

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