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Danforth Offers Freelance Fabrication Services

Published Date – Jun 21, 2016

Danforth offers expertise in freelance fabrication services. Danforth has launched a new webpage that offers its in-house prefabrication services to its customers at the click of a button. This service allows our customers to fill out an online form with details about their fabrication project. Our team can fulfill personalized orders for installing contractors across the United States.

The requests work by completing the online form on the webpage with any specifications needed for the customer’s piping project.  Once submitted and reviewed, the Danforth team will submit a pipe fabrication proposal containing cost estimates and project details that will be confirmed before fabrication begins. Our team is in constant contact with our customers to ensure their wants and needs are met throughout the fabrication process. Cost of material, shipping, and labor hours needed to fabricate the material is submitted to the customer as a formal proposal for approval.

Danforth has fabrication facilities at each of their three locations across New York State including in Buffalo, Rochester and the Capital Region totaling over 140,000 ft² of fabrication space.  These facilities are home to state-of-the-art equipment and technology that is at the disposal of our expert fabricators. Danforth offers its fabrication services to various markets, from residential construction all the way to nuclear and high technology markets.

The in-house fabrication at Danforth offers a range of benefits to customers. Customers do not need to worry about buying tools, materials, or investing millions of dollars in facilities to complete the job. Danforth also has the know-how to ship the custom fabrication to any job-site in the United States.

To fill out a form or contact an expert, click here.

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