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Capital Region’s Scott Janssen Earns Promotion

Published Date – Jul 12, 2016

Capital Region employee Scott Janssen has been promoted.

Scott, who joined John W. Danforth Company in 2013, held the position of Energy Engineer prior to his promotion. Scott has been influential in the development of the Energy Business in the Capital Region. In the past year, Scott has performed detailed energy audits for Argyle CSD and Essex County.  Working closely with Sales and Management, Scott has developed and refined many of the processes that are in place today in the Energy Business and has been working on a number of other projects still in development including the College of Mount Saint Mary, the City of Niagara Falls, the Town of Clarkstown and the Catskill Regional Medical Center.

In his new position Scott will continue to reside in the Capital Region with responsibility across the Danforth footprint.   Scott will be responsible for the career development of the energy engineers, identifying new technologies for the energy team and continual improvement of all energy engineering tools and methods.  When asked how he plans on making a positive impact on Danforth and his coworkers, he replied:

“I plan on continuing to build up the energy group’s tools and resources, standardizing our processes and procedures, working with my fellow energy engineers to optimize our projects and resolve issues, and identifying new technologies for us to utilize in our projects.”

Scott appreciates the opportunity and looks forward to helping Danforth continue to grow and become more efficient.



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