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Danforth Responds to Cooling Emergency During Summer Heat

Published Date – Jul 26, 2016

Brothers of Mercy – Emergency Maintenance

The Danforth Team specializes in responding to emergency service situations. On July, 19 2016, Danforth received a call from Brothers of Mercy Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The facility lost its ability to cool during a hot Buffalo evening. The Danforth Team immediately sprang into action connecting a rental chiller to service the facility. The chiller was hooked up using over 500’ of supply and return water lines in less than 24 hours.

During emergency situations, communication is vital to ensuring quick mobilization, diagnosis of the problem and implementation of the solution. After normal business hours, the Danforth Project Team, consisting of Gary Metzgar, Ted Kulikowski and Craig Wittmann, secured the materials and labor required to rectify the cooling situation at the nursing facility. By 7 am the next day, the crew was mobilized and working on the new supply and return water lines from the rental chiller on the ground to the existing lines on the roof of the facility. The crew completed the job of piping 500’ of 6” PVC by 10 pm that night. To ensure that the facility would not encounter any further problems, Danforth left a crew on site until 10 pm the next day.

“Jim Pettit and all the men on-site worked their hearts out to make the job happen,” said Daikin Applied Service Technician William Mayo in a thank-you email to Gary Metzgar of Danforth. “All of your men expressed a great deal of respect and admiration for you, and your being on the job was what was needed to make it successful. I can see that you prefer to lead your men rather than push them.”

Mayo said that the rental chiller went on-line at about 11 am Thursday and that the unit was getting good flow. “Thanks again for the professionalism and hard work from you, your men and your company,” said Mayo. “I hope we can work together on other projects that aren’t as pushed and stressful as this one.”

Danforth’s quick response to the emergency prevented the need to evacuate the residents. System downtime was kept to a minimum and normal operation was never lost. Next time your facility experiences an HVAC or plumbing emergency, give us a call and focus on the important things, like running your business.

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