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Josh Licht Recognized As This Month’s Apprentice Highlight

Published Date – Sep 23, 2016

Josh Licht has been recognized by his supervisors as this month’s Apprentice Highlight. Josh has been working with Danforth for over a year and is currently working on site at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine project, located in Downtown Buffalo, NY.

Josh is responsible for installing plumbing systems at the UB School of Medicine. When asked what is special with the project, Josh responded, “This job is huge in terms of square footage and manpower on site. This is a lot to learn onsite.”

Josh has worked on multiple projects in his short time at Danforth, including stainless pipe fitting work at Solar City’s Riverbend location in Buffalo and shutdown maintenance on the piping systems for DuPont’s Buffalo location. While at Riverbend, Josh worked on putting large stainless steel piping systems into place. The pipe was hung from the rafters over 30 feet in the air.

Josh’s favorite part about working with Danforth is meeting new people and the well-rounded and complete training that Danforth provides to its workers. Aside from adhering to the Danforth’s comprehensive safety protocol and site specific safety guidelines, Josh is always aware of his surroundings on site and is mindful of others working around him.

When asked what his future aspirations are, Josh noted that he wanted to learn as much as he could in the field and become a foreman someday.

Congratulations to Josh for his hard work and dedication to being a team member at Danforth.

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