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Rochester Plumber Awarded Apprentice Highlight

Published Date – Oct 31, 2016

Christopher Smith has been recognized by his supervisors as this month’s Apprentice Highlight. Chris has been working with Danforth since the fall of 2015, and is currently working on site at the Golisano Children’s Hospital located in Rochester, New York.

Chris is responsible for plumbing, rigging, heating, shut downs, blueprint readings, and installations. When asked what is special with the project, Chris responded with “Being able to get proper training on the job, and learning about rigging.” Chris has been given the opportunity to learn critical skills on one of Danforth’s keynote projects. Danforth’s field management provides apprentices the opportunity to learn through hand-on training with journeymen and foreman. The company believes that the only way to properly groom and develop talent in the field is to have senior members of the project team mentor the apprentices.

In the past, Chris has worked in Danforth’s Rochester fabrication shop and has worked onsite at Guardian Glass. Chris’s favorite part about working with Danforth is the knowledgeable people in the trade he gets to meet, and that he learns something new everyday. Chris adds that he enjoys the great people he works with at Danforth.

To stay safe on the job, Chris wears personal protective equipment including a hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves. Good communication with his co-workers is also key, as well as following all the safety precautions.

When asked what his future aspirations are, Chris wants to learn as much as possible about the trade to become a better, more knowledgeable worker. Someday, Chris wants to become a foreman.

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