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Buffalo Sheet Metal Construction Admin Earns Power of Our People Award

Published Date – Nov 15, 2016

Construction Administrator, Mary Lou Schlia, has been recognized for going above and beyond her normal responsibilities. Mary Lou works with the sheet metal project managers in our Tonawanda sheet metal fabrication facility. She has been recognized by her peers as being someone who provides endless support to the project management team.

Mary Lou was nominated by fellow Construction Administrator Cheryl Lorich. Cheryl made note that Mary Lou’s technical capabilities in IT make setting up virtual meetings much easier. Mary Lou assists the sheet metal team when they are presenting projects to prospective clients or sitting in on recurring coast-to-coast project team meetings. Mary Lou’s coordination of the meetings allows streamlined communication with clients and vendors as well as more efficient collaboration among the Danforth project team.

Mary Lou’s contribution to collaboration is critical to the company as we move into new and emerging project delivery methods. Danforth has made a commitment to be on the forefront of construction methodology. The market has been pushing new methods such as Highly Collaborative Project Delivery (HCPD) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Danforth has reacted by investing in collaborative technology such as Webex, Building Information Modeling and advanced CAD applications. With Mary Lou’s IT background, she is able to connect our project teams with our clients and partners across New York State and beyond, regardless of location.

About the Power of Our People Award

Danforth has been an industry leader since 1884. We have strategically invested in physical assets such as office space across New York State, over 100,000 ft² of fabrication space, a large vehicle fleet and state-of-the-art tools to deliver the highest quality projects to our customers.

However, our most important asset is our people.

The Power of Our People Award is given to those who go beyond the call of duty day-in and day-out. Without our people and their commitment to excellence, Danforth would not be a best in class contractor that it is known as in the market. At Danforth, we believe in the Power of Our People and recognizing our employees for their hard work and dedication. We are committed to investing in our employees to develop them professionally and personally so that the legacy of our founder, John W. Danforth, can live on for the next 132 years and beyond.

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