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Scott Brodnicki Represents Danforth at the Sheet Metal Worker’s Eastern Regional Apprenticeship Contest

Published Date – Apr 17, 2017

Sheet Metal Workers Local 71 and Danforth were recently represented at the Sheet Metal Worker’s Eastern Regional Apprenticeship Contest. The contest brought sheet metal apprentices from across the Northeast to Rocky Hill, Connecticut for a three day competition that tested the participants in all facets of their trade. The apprentices demonstrated their skills in converting drawings, blueprint reading and fabrication of fittings.

Third year apprentice, Scott Brodnicki, represented Danforth in the Local 71 Sheet Metal Workers Contest. After competing against other third year apprentices in the area, Scott earned 1st place and the opportunity to represent both Local 71 and Danforth at the regional competition. The competition brought over 100 talented tradesmen and women together to show off their skills. Scott placed ninth in the region and we could not be more proud of him!

Scott specializes in sheet metal work. He is currently working at the new Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. Scott is responsible for the duct work, going through and reading blue prints, helping with managing a couple of floors with diffusers, and putting the finishing touches on rooms and corridors. He is also responsible for overseeing the basement of the hospital all the way up to the fourth floor.
This is Scott’s first project with Danforth and he has been on the job for nearly two years. He is benefitting from working with some of Danforth’s best journeymen and foreman on the jobsite. The large complex project is putting Scott’s training to the test but he has proved to be a valuable asset to the team. Scott is using his training to turn blue-print drawings into real life sheet metal duct applications. He is responsible for installing duct work from the basement to the fourth floor of the new state-of-the-art hospital.

During Scott’s time with the company, he has been accepted into a family-like atmosphere. He said, “Everybody is always teaching each other how to do better and how to do new things. We all learn from each other to be more efficient and to work smarter on-site.” Scott feels like his work family is always looking out for each other whether it be relating to safety or lending a helping hand when needed.
As Scott continues to learn, he wants to continue working with Danforth. He wants to build upon his experience and take on more responsibility so he can grow within the company. Scott aspires to master his trade and become a foreman in the future. He wants to mentor new apprentices and pass along the knowledge he is learning to the next generation of apprentices.

Scott has represented both his local hall and Danforth well in the Sheet Metal Workers Apprentice Contest and on the job site. We welcome everyone to join us in congratulating him for his hard work and dedication to his trade!

About the Apprentice Highlight

Since our inception as a company in 1884, our strength has been our skilled tradesmen in the field and fabrication shops. Our company has grown stronger from generation to generation for over 130 years. This is due in large part to our comprehensive mentoring programs.

We believe in preparing our employees for their future through mentorship. Our apprentices are the future of our labor force and will become the leaders on our jobsites and in our fabrication shops. Our comprehensive hands-on training program gives our apprentices the opportunity to learn from our skilled journeymen and foremen on keynote projects across New York State.

The Apprentice Highlight is an honor bestowed upon up and coming tradesmen who display leadership and pride in their work. Those recognized as the Apprentice Highlight show a passion for their trade, Union and Danforth. The Apprentice Highlight is someone who is not only a student of the trade, but also someone who leads and teaches other apprentices on the job-site.

We are proud of the Union tradesmen that we employ across New York State and beyond. These fine young men and women are at the core of our success and will continue to be in the future. Our Apprentice Highlight program is something that is important to identifying and growing the leaders of the future.

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