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Danforth Installs New Gas Boilers at RED-Rochester

Published Date – Aug 21, 2017

Danforth’s Rochester team is working hard at RED-Rochester to ensure the retrofitted facility is operational for early 2018. RED-Rochester’s plant generates electricity, steam and refrigeration for the Eastman Business Park. As part of a compliance mandate by the E.P.A., the facility is undergoing conversation from coal to natural gas. The conversion project is being undertaken by RED-Rochester, LLC., IronClad Energy Partners, and Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners.

Danforth’s scope involves installation of four new gas boilers, conversation of an existing coal boiler to natural gas, as well as the fabrication and installation of all mechanical piping services to support the new boilers. The new services are being installed through a large existing complex, requiring Danforth to coordinate all activities with Plant operations to ensure no interruption to existing site services occur.

The new natural gas boilers and the newly converted existing boilers will increase fuel efficiency and decrease CO2 emissions from the facility. The existing turbines will still be utilized for electrical generation.

This modernization program will ensure service to the industrial park for many years to come.

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