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Positive Feedback from the MCAA Fabrication Conference Continues

Several weeks after the MCAA Fabrication Conference wrapped up, feedback is still rolling in from attendees, employees and association organizers. Below is a letter from MCAA Senior Executive Director, Cynthia Buffington, detailing the company’s efforts. You can read other details about the conference and see a short video overview by visiting our newsroom here.

Dear Robert:

Wow! is the best way to describe what an amazing job your team did in creating and delivering an outstanding Fabrication Conference Tour. Please share this plaque with your colleagues as a very small token of our appreciation.

Mike Bement took the lead and developed a flawless tour – all the months of planning and attention to detail were noticeable. Attendees mentioned there was never a delay traveling from station to station nor building to building. They even commented on no waiting for lunch – 350+ went through the line and were seated within minutes.

Tricia Herby was very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Project project images during walk-in was a great idea. The posters depicting all the unions that Danforth is signatory to around the state was helpful – put the scope in perspective.

Please extend our appreciation to the speakers for each of the 21 stations. We understand they did all their content development and rehearsing after hours since they were coming from offices all over the state. Jack, the leader for my group, came from the West Point office – great guy. Jack explained they did their live rehearsal via Skype during the weekly Thursday morning company-wide meetings. And, the rehearsals paid dividents – they were just as good the first time they said the same thing as the 21st.

Another first – each station focused on where you were, where you are and where you want to go. Was that Todd Follis’s idea?

Most importantly, there were takeaways for every interest – the UA field person – especially the roto-welder and the safety and exhaust system over the Vernon machine. The offices guys had a wealth of ah ha’s – Project Share, SOPs, tool control as highlights. Thank you so much for introducing Jim Bailey, the president of Industrial Piping in Chattanooga, to your CFO to discuss ESOPs.

Thank you for allowing Mike Bement to join the Fab Task Force – Jay Rohan (DSI), Jeff Knoup (Mechanical, Inc.), Mike Shinn and Greg Fuller are eager to have him add his perspectives as they offer Murray their insights.

Robert, everyone at Danforth was so hospitable and helpful – a tribute to your leadership and the Reilly family’s spirit. Please express our sincere appreciation for all their dedication and pride in what they do.

Best Regards,

Cynthia Buffington, Senior Executive Director

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