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Power of our People Award Presented to Caleb Spark

The Power of our People Award was recently presented to Danforth’s Caleb Spark.

Caleb (along with his wife Olivia) exemplify high character, compassion and understanding as displayed on their wedding day. While taking pictures in a local park they were approached by a 5 year old autistic girl named Layla who thought Olivia was a princess. They took time from their most special day to be kind and to “play” along making this little girl’s day. This story has gone viral and Caleb and Olivia have become friends with Layla and her family. This story has appeared on several local and even national news stations. This is a true example of character and community and someone Danforth can be proud of. To see the story from local television, click here.

About the Power of Our People Award

Danforth has been an industry leader since 1884. We have strategically invested in physical assets such as office space across New York State, over 100,000 ft² of fabrication space, a large vehicle fleet and state-of-the-art tools to deliver the highest quality projects to our customers.
Our most important asset is our people.

The Power of Our People Award is given to those who go beyond the call of duty day-in and day-out. Without our people and their commitment to excellence, Danforth would not be a best in class contractor that it is known as in the market. At Danforth, we believe in the Power of Our People and recognizing our employees for their hard work and dedication. We are committed to investing in our employees to develop them professionally and personally so that the legacy of our founder, John W. Danforth, will live on.

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