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Danforth’s Coronavirus Response & Visitor Policy

John W. Danforth Company is committed to responding to the ongoing COVID-19 efforts focused on the health and safety of our co-workers, our customers, our project partners, and our communities.

In safety, we all find success. Danforth’s field personnel continue to report to their respective job sites unless otherwise directed, and we continue to follow stringent safety protocols. Many of our non-field personnel are working remotely, and remain fully engaged, committed, responsive and available for all customer and job partner communication. We are available electronically, or for in-person meetings if requested. Rest assured that Danforth personnel will maintain the high level of productivity and responsiveness that our customers, job partners and internal teams have come to expect and deserve from our team.

We will remain vigilant in protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our Danforth family, which includes all Danforth customers, partners and team members. To that end, if your organization has experienced, or if you are monitoring an employee for a COVID-19 infection, please notify us immediately so that we may protect our team members who may have been in contact with your employee on a jobsite or in our facilities. Additionally, we ask that any visitors to our office or other facilities maintain the 6 foot compliance with social distancing, refrain from shaking hands, and wash hands frequently. Please do not enter our facilities if you are not feeling well, have traveled outside the country, or have been in direct contact with anyone known to have COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding and assistance in keeping our employees and their families healthy.

Please visit our newsroom for more information on how Danforth’s experienced personnel and capabilities can assist your organization with challenges you are facing during this unprecedented time.

Thank you for your continued partnership and confidence as we all navigate this situation together.

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