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Join Us for the COVID – 19 Response Webinar for School Facilities on Thursday, June 25th at 10 am

As your District starts building your reopening plans for the fall, we understand that there are many factors that you have to take into consideration to ensure a safe and effective start for students, faculty and staff.

Join us for an interactive webinar on Thursday, June 25th as our team of experts in air filtration, environmental service and preventative maintenance provide relevant information on the best practices to introduce into your school facility in response to COVID – 19. Danforth will review the elements listed below:

  1. Structural Elements
  2. Procedural Elements
  3. Ventilation Systems
  4. Air Filtration
  5. Non – filtration related disinfection systems
  6. Water systems
  7. Budget impacts and funding options

There will be an interactive Q & A Session at the end of the webinar.

To retrieve the webinar link and submit your questions, please E-Mail our Marketing Specialist Christina Crane at ccrane@jwdanforth.com.

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