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A Recap of Women In Construction Week

To commemorate Women In Construction Week for 2021, the women of Danforth, including field, office and shop personnel, participated in an interactive online seminar facilitated by Dale Carnegie. The two hour seminar took a very interactive approach on providing insight on how women can grow as leaders and some key features that will lead to success.  Throughout the seminar the facilitators guided active overall group discussions and breakout group segments amongst the women. 

The topics that the seminar focused on included:

  • Top Ten Characteristics of Successful Women Business Leaders
  • Strategies for Building Self Confidence
  • Be a Leader
  • Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Building on those topics, our breakout session groups garnered some deeper insights on some common ground that women have encountered or experienced at some point in their careers:

  • The biggest challenges that women face in the workforce
  • How to build relationships
  • Working in a male populated workforce

This seminar provided great opportunities for the women of Danforth to connect with each other and build their internal network of relationships. It also built on the connection among the group because many of these women realized that we have all gone through these types of similar experiences at some point in our career.

To wrap up the seminar, the facilitators wanted the group to continue to build the foundations of leadership through Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book, which provides a great set of tools for one to learn from and build upon.

“It is wonderful that we had the opportunity to build upon Women In Construction Week in 2021. The support and encouragement from Danforth’s leadership has been vital in providing awareness and recognition for the women of Danforth. We are looking forward to the future as we continue to grow and find more opportunities to celebrate the contribution women make to our company and our industry,” said Wendy Glauber, General Counsel and Director of HR.

Thank you to all who participated and played a role in making Danforth’s Women In Construction Week a success.

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