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Women In Construction Spotlight

Last week, Danforth highlighted some of our own women in construction with WIC Spotlight features.

Each feature takes a closer look at each woman’s journey into the construction field and captures their experiences on being a woman in the construction industry.

Some highlights included:

  • How they got their start in the construction field
  • Their current role and responsibilities; including their journey to Danforth
  • What they enjoy about working in the construction industry
  • Challenges for women in the construction industry
  • Advice for women interested in joining the construction industry

Most of the women featured are active members of Women in the Mechanical Industry (WiMi) and the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC).

You can read each spotlight feature, by clicking each link below.

Samantha Pommer

Deanna Gokey

Nicole Kantowski

Michelle Gerace

Katie Reynolds

Megan Watson

Christina Crane

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