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2022 Women In Construction Recap

Throughout the month of March, Danforth celebrated Women in Construction with a special workshop event.

Women in the office, fields and shops had the opportunity to participate in a workshop on mindfulness, facilitated by wellness coach Lindsay Amico of Picture Perfect Mind.  

For the second year in a row, we also highlighted some of our own women in construction with WIC Spotlight features.

Each feature takes a closer look at each woman’s journey into the construction field and captures their experiences on being a woman in the construction industry.

“It is great to really get to know some of the women of Danforth and tell the story of their journey. We know there are plenty of opportunities for women in construction and we have the ability to highlight some of our colleagues to a larger audience,” said Christina Crane, Marketing Specialist. 

“Additionally, we decided to highlight and feature women in construction throughout the month as opposed to just Women in Construction Week. This allowed us to capture more events and highlights through our partnerships and affiliations as well,” Crane shared. 

Some of our women featured are active members of Women in the Mechanical Industry (WiMi) and the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC), which has a number of regional chapters. 

You can read this year’s spotlight features, by clicking each link below.

Krysten Petrilli

Riley Pierson 

Paige Bright 

Tricia Catalano 

Rhen Waldbauer







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