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Danforth Energy – Building Controls Upgrades

Danforth provides a comprehensive list of building controls improvements which are incorporated into our Energy Performance Contracts to assist our clients in reducing energy costs, increasing energy efficiency, and maintaining a high quality building environment. Building controls improvements can include temperature setback, mechanical systems enhancements, controls installation and upgrades. We can also implement control systems for Natatoriums and Auditoriums, with such things as Humidity Control, Temperature Control, Pool Water Leveling Controls and Lighting controls.

Each of our Energy Performance clients may have unique challenges that require innovative, custom tailored solutions. Danforth has the ability to address those challenges through building controls upgrades, replacements, and improvements. We can assess how the buildings are currently operating and determine how they should be operating. This measure is quite unique when it comes to an Energy Performance Contract and has proven its value to our clients through the energy spend dollars it has saved.

Danforth approaches each facility in a way that is tailored to the client’s needs. However, the process and the measurements we gather remain consistent. We deliver high quality products and services that complete projects as cost effectively as possible. Some of the ways this is accomplished are as follows:

  • Mechanical systems controls upgrades throughout building for any and all measures requiring it (i.e. unit ventilators, fan coil units, FIN units, AHU’s)
  • Extension of DDC systems through the buildings
  • Vending machine controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Computer controls
  • BAC net integration and upgrades for pool areas
  • Freezer/cooler controls

Building controls technology is advancing exponentially and the Energy savings that can be achieved through controls upgrades will continue to increase as well. Danforth is on the leading edge of that curve and we can assist our clients in choosing an appropriate Building Controls strategy that balances investment with payback, and improves the quality of the work environment.

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