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With over 135 years of experience and thousands of retrofits to our credit, we are uniquely qualified to perform your next street lighting project. Our Energy Team will take the lead position in the assessment of existing street lighting inventory, retrofit and the negotiation between the utility and the owner. We are experienced in converting existing High Intensity Discharge (HID) street lighting systems to LED. Our street by street survey of the client’s lighting inventory ensures a properly sized LED retrofit. Our expertise also includes obtaining and verifying the existing inventory, coordinating with the client to select new LED fixtures which provide improved light levels and visibility while consuming significantly less energy, working with the local utility companies and the Public Service Commission (PSC) to negotiate fair prices for the purchase of the existing equipment inventory and installing the new fixtures and required inline fuses in adherence with all applicable safety codes. This allows us to position the owner in the best possible position for a purchase, separation and retrofit.

Danforth was the first ESCO to tackle street lighting retrofits in New York State. With over 4,000 lights purchased from utilities and replaced with LED’s, we have the experience in street by street lighting surveys, retrofit lighting selections, the execution of the lighting replacement per NYS DOT standards as well as separation requirements with the utility. We have experience filing with the NYS PSC and finalizing the sale agreements/pole attachment agreements as well as facilitating financing. Let us play a role in making street lights a better investment in the community. Street lighting retrofits save the client money on energy and maintenance costs. Additionally, improved street lighting contributes to increased safety for pedestrians and recreation seekers as well as drivers on the roadways.

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