Mechanical Contracting

Danforth Mechanical Contracting Expertise

As one of the largest Mechanical Contractors in the Northeast, Danforth has the expertise, manpower, and resources to deliver turnkey solutions to our customers. Mechanical construction is where Danforth began in 1884. We have developed innovative mechanical construction services that are on the cutting edge in our industry. Today, we are focused on providing the very best mechanical construction services to our customers. We believe in delivering complete, sustainable mechanical systems that help achieve the operational goals of our customers. Some of the services we provide include:


Danforth is a premier installer of Commercial Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in New York State. Commercial HVAC systems control the indoor environment of a building. Occupant comfort and safety are main drivers of having satisfied tenants and productive workers. It is imperative that your HVAC system is designed and installed correctly to optimize performance and manage operating costs.Learn More »


Danforth is a single source for all your plumbing installation needs. We can evaluate, design, and install any system in any setting. Our Plumbers and Supervising Foremen are among the best in the industry with a proven track record in providing high quality plumbing system installations that are both practical and economical for our customers. Our Team specializes in maintaining occupancy and functionality to other areas of the project site while we work. We work around our customer’s schedule by providing 24/7 availability which allows our customers to sustain their productivity during installation.Learn More »


With the increase in advanced technology industry seen across New York state and the northeast, Danforth has expanded our capabilities to provide services to this specialty market. We have experience designing and installing mechanical systems and specialty equipment for projects in the semiconductor, LED, solar, pharmaceutical and photonics industries. Our 11,000 square foot stainless steel and cleanroom fabrication facility in Rochester, NY allows us to fabricate components for any high-purity system.Learn More »


Our experienced fitters, fabricators, and certified welders regularly perform all facets of process piping and industrial piping replacement and installation. Our services include threaded, soldered, or welded installations of plastic, steel, copper, carbon, cast iron, PVC, fiberglass, and more. Our technicians are experienced with chemical conveying and food processing systems as well as water, wastewater, steam, and condensate, and other process-intensive applications. We have years of experience in performing chemical plant shutdown work around the clock, to meet your schedule.Learn More »


Our advantage as a Preconstruction Services provider is that we are involved in all stages of a project. This affords us the knowledge and experience to plan an entire project without missing details. Our in-house experts are constantly working together, sharing expertise and recommendations to make each project a success before the construction phase begins. This results in innovative solutions that are mindful of overall cost, sustainability, and performance.Learn More »


At Danforth, our Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) department is a driving force for our project planning process. Working in conjunction with other teams within our company, as well as other contractors, our VDC team can provide images and data that are key to decision making and coordination on a project. Using state-of-the-art tools such as Autodesk NavisWorks software, Trimble TSI automated field dimensioning and 3D laser scanning, we are able to virtually create your project in 3 dimensional renderings, leading to streamlined project delivery.Learn More »


Danforth offers fabrication services from our facilities located throughout New York State. We use the resources of our fabrication facilities to enhance construction projects we are executing, and we also provide fabrication services to clients outside of our company. Danforth maintains fabrication facilities for carbon steel piping, plumbing and copper pipe, sheet metal, and a dedicated stainless steel and high-purity fabrication shop which includes an ISO Class 6 cleanroom. With over 140,000 square feet of fabrication space, our shops are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced tradesmen who fabricate materials in a controlled environment, leading to increased efficiency and project cost savings.Learn More »


Danforth has years of experience with Design-Build project delivery. Our Design-Build team has successfully delivered turn-key projects in office buildings, K-12 schools, higher education, sports arenas, hotels, federal buildings, hospitals, and data centers. Danforth’s Design-Build Model was developed to allow us to seamlessly design, estimate, and construct any next project. We work with our customers from design to project turnover to ensure that all needs are met.Learn More »


Danforth offers the very best in ice surface design-build solutions. We have extensive experience in the installation of new and retrofitting of ice rink systems. This experience has led us to be able to provide high quality rinks from recreational and community arenas to NHL-level arenas. Quality ice rinks are the result of precise design engineering and proper construction and installation.Learn More »