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Danforth Advanced Technology Manufacturing Expertise

Over the past 10-15 years, New York state has seen the rise in a large and vibrant advanced technology manufacturing industry. Within this new and expanding market segment, the Danforth team has proven ourselves as a leader for mechanical services. We have experience designing and installing process piping, mechanical systems and specialty equipment for projects in the semiconductor, LED, solar, pharmaceutical and photonics industries.

Danforth has experience in the advanced technology manufacturing industry working in small facilities all the way through facilities with millions of square feet run by global corporations. Our team has the ability to coordinate work in an operational facility and maintain functionality to the rest of the facility; additionally we are skilled at coordinating work with other contractors and professionals on large scale, complex sites to deliver exceptional final projects to facility owners.

Due to the stringent quality control and purity required for many of these advanced technology manufacturing systems, in the summer of 2016 Danforth opened a dedicated stainless steel and cleanroom fabrication facility. This facility is one of the few fabrication shops of its kind in the northeast and gives us the ability to fabricate systems in a controlled environment to the quality and purity levels that the industry necessitates.

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