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Danforth uses a variety of state of the art tools that allow us to plan ahead, making our projects flow smoothly from start to finish. Our Team is trained to provide a broad range of Pre-Construction Services tailored to ensure project success, including Project Requirement Development, Estimating, Value Engineering, and Schedule Development.

Project Requirement Development includes the development and review of building and system performance to meet your operational and project goals. Estimating is used to create a baseline for each project. Our Team can layout labor, equipment and material as well as subcontract budgets based on current market conditions. Value Engineering includes real time cost evaluations and design recommendations used to manage cost without affecting performance. Schedule Development utilizes the analysis of project sequencing as well as integration of other trades involved in the project to save both time and money.

Beyond the services outlined above, Danforth is also capable of assisting with LEED certification as a Pre-Construction service. Our in-house LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED AP) are capable of handling design and planning as well as construction management to deliver a certified, turn-key project.

Our advantage as a Pre-Construction Services provider is that we are involved in all stages of a project. We use all of our resources and company-wide project knowledge to develop feasible plans for any project regardless of size, type, or complexity. Our sales, acquisition and operations teams are constantly working together, sharing expertise and recommendations to make each project a success before the construction phase begins. This results in innovative solutions that are mindful of overall cost, sustainability, and performance.

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