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The construction industry has always been a dynamic environment. The acceleration of technology integration and the resultant drive for reduction of installation time frames has made preconstruction services a critical component to the success of projects.

At the start of every project, Danforth works with each client to map out the path to a successful completion. This includes fully understanding all required deliverables and creating a plan that will achieve the greatest efficiency and benefit to all project stakeholders.

A thorough review of the contract documents sets the stage for collaboration with our internal management and field staff members, as well as our external customer, vendor, and manufacturing partners. This team works to define the optimal plan for execution of the project, capitalizing on all available technical and procedural resources, while still maintaining strict code compliance and the highest levels of safety and quality.

Danforth uses a variety of state of the art tools that allow us to plan ahead. These tools ensure our projects flow smoothly from start to finish and assist in leveraging our expertise in estimating, procurement, virtual design & construction, fabrication, logistics, rigging, installation and commissioning. Regardless of whether the project is plan and specification based or a design-build/design-assist, our preconstruction program will bring substantial value to our customers, allowing for more rapid project completion and enabling revenue generation with earlier access to facility/production operations.

Our sales, acquisition and operations teams are constantly working together, sharing expertise and recommendations to make each project a success before the construction phase begins. This collaboration results in innovative solutions that are mindful of overall cost, sustainability, and performance, no matter the scale or complexity of the project.

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