Trimble Field Point Layout

Danforth Trimble Field Point Layout

The Trimble Robotic Total Station is a construction tool that allows for increased communication between the VDC office and the field, improves accuracy and reduces costs. The station setup consists of a tripod or beam clamp mounted robot, a story pole with a prism and a rugged tablet that is used for viewing the project in 3D and communicating with the robot. By using the Trimble MEP software, one operator can accurately layout points for installation or capture points of interest that can then be imported into an AutoCAD drawing for reference.

Points that can be mapped include cast in place embeds for pipe and sheet metal hangers, floor sleeves and core locations, wall sleeves and foundation sleeves, equipment pad locations, roof and floor drain locations, roof and floor supports for mechanical systems and underground piping excavation lines. We can also capture points in the field in 3D and import them into CAD drawings which is useful for locating tie-in points in existing piping and duct, as well as coordinating tie-in points for previously installed underground piping. We also have the capability to layout wall and electrical device locations for other trades on the jobsite.

Danforth has been using the Trimble Robotic Total Station for over a decade in the field, with trained operators from Buffalo to the Capitol Region. With 4 complete station setups, we are ready to mobilize on short notice to any project. Instead of pulling string lines and using tape measures, we can accurately and quickly layout points on a jobsite with our Trimble units.